So many seeds so little space...

candytuft seed pods
Candytuft going to seed

As you all should know by now, I love seeds. Sadly I'm starting to see that I have many many seeds and no space to use them all. I wish I could sell the seedlings but I don't even think I have space to grow them all and provide them with the right light. I never have been able to use a whole package of seeds. I only use not even a fourth sometimes.

I love to collect seeds from my plants even if that means they won't flower again. I like picking the pod and opening it up to be surprised to what I see. I have endless amounts of armeria that I don't know what I will do with. It seems every week I find another plant whose seed pods are ready.

Yesterday I saw that some of the Columbine pods were ready. I got a great deal of seeds just from around 4 pods. I have about 10 or more still on the plant waiting for them to be ready to open. If only I wasn't going on vacation starting on the 23rd. On the 24th there is the Festival of Flowers here in San Antonio. I'm depressed because it's the it event to go if you are a gardener. They have a seed exchange and a plant exchange and so much much more. Sadly we will be driving up to Arkansas on the day before. What great timing right? Gah, this year I haven't been able to attend any gardening events, tours, etc because I'm always working at that time. For once I wouldn't be working but I won't even be here. Now what will I do with all these seeds? I have only been able to find a few bags a home but it's ever growing!


Jane Marie said...

I know what you mean about not being around for the garden shows. Even though our season is just starting, I can take one look at the calendar for summer and see how booked up we are already. I just hope I can fit some trips to daylily farms in.

Brenda Hyde said...

You are the first person I've met to admit to the seed fascination. I have it too! I love seeds, and wish I could collect and have endless room to grow them.

I'm going on vacation the day before the native plant sale in our district here. Arrrgggg...I really wanted to go!

artistsgarden said...

I love seeds and growing things from seed too!

Andrea said...

Oh! I should get you to send me some Castor bean seeds. They're illegal here in Ontario (only because the seeds themselves are toxic). I have a big plant at work that Im going to bring home but Im afraid the seeds taht I had got throw out at work. (Much to my horror too).