Growing Strong

Purple Fountain Grass

Many things are growing on strong. The Purple Fountain Grass has filled out and is looking great in it's container.

snake plant
Snake Plant

Just a few months ago I was talking about how my Snake Plant had a baby. Now look at the baby! It's as big as the others that have been there since last year. I have another baby growing in the back that has grown about 2 inches in a day. Maybe my Snake Plant will get as big as the one on the balcony across the way.


The Caladium keeps on sprouting but still no white is showing up on the leaves. Am I missing something here or does it just take time?

I have my herbaceous plants final tonight. I haven't even studied. Right after I'm done typing this I will eat my tapioca pudding and get to study my flash cards. I actually think I have a harder time learning when I use flash cards. Lists make it easier for me because I just have one page to look at and then I can use my photo memory to remember where things were on the list. It's too late to make a list now of all the plants since I already make the flash cards. I'm sure I will do fine....right?


hanako! said...

Your snake plant looks suspiciously like the succulents that my mother kept when I was a child. I don't think she keeps them anymore, but I love their cute stripes.

Good luck on your herbaceous plants final! I'm sure you're going to freaking destroy it :D

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I've always heard of your snake plant being called mother-in-laws tongue. Although my mother-in-laws tongue usually only utters sweet words.

garden girl said...

My white/green one opens white/green. On mine, sometimes the first ones to emerge are darker, but they usually still have some variagation. I hope yours turns out to be the kind you expected.

I remember we used to call the snake plant mother-in-law's tongue. I had one of those in my office at my last job. It got too tall and top-heavy, and I had to lean it against the wall so it would tip over and uproot itself. I left my plants there for one of my co-workers when I left. I wonder how tall that plant is now!