Filling Out

fountain grassa and sweet potato vine
Container with Purple Fountain Grass and Sweet Potato Vines

Some of my containers have really started to fill out. The sweet potato vines are growing real well now and the fountain grass also. I love to see a full container.

White Christmas Caladium

While I thought I had purchased a Caladium whose name had two words and each word started with a W, I was wrong. Looks like I bought White Christmas. It was what I wanted anyways so it doesn't matter. Finally I have gotten some leaves that are actually white and green. I wonder why half of my leaves are only green. Is this common with this variety. I love it anyways and leave the green leaves. It's really starting to grow now with tons of new shoots coming up.

I am off to work soon. Not feeling too good after being sick yesterday. I'm hoping it won't take to long to get out the product that is coming. I need to tell my boss about vacation...I'm scared. I don't like having to ask anyone if I can do anything. I think it's a phobia I developed when I was younger after my parents saying no to me ever going anywhere or doing anything. Now I just don't like asking and just want to go and do it. I should have said something way earlier but I've been so chicken.I guess I really have held off on saying anything because I know the season is almost over. The rep I work with is leaving at the beginning of June and I should be starting my internship in June and they all know it.

Speaking of my internship. I called yesterday before leaving work. The hiring manager was not there today but the business manager was. I talked to her and she said she had to talk to Bob who the Manager of something and see what he says. She told me she knew someone was doing the internship but didn't hear who, when, or where they were from. Normally they get students that come down from college station for the summer. Supposedly I will here something by Monday or Tuesday if not sooner. I can't imagine what they have to talk about because I signed on about 3 months ago and this should have already been discussed. The hiring manager that was there before said I could start right after school ends. That would have been a few weeks ago but I wanted to start after my vacation. Anyways it looks like there shouldn't be a problem but I am preparing myself for the worst. If the worst does happen I won't be surprised at least

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Cinj said...

Maybe you're just worrying for no real reason. I've done that plenty!

It's always exciting when plants start filing out the containers you so lovingly planted.