Lily Sketch

lily sketch
Lily Sketch

I slacked off with my goal of doing a botanical watercolor everyday. Really I just forgot yesterday. But today I just did a sketch of a lily I took a picture of at the Botanical Gardens. I didn't get the name of it but that is okay. This time I scanned in the sketch before destroying it with watercolors. So this time if I mess up I can just print this out, trace it, and try again and again until I like it.

Thank you everyone for you kind words on my last watercolor. I'm just picky about what I do. I was just being tough on myself because I know I have done better. It's been a long while since I have touched watercolors. I'm used to acrylics and oils. This is why I am doing all this practice. I love the look of watercolor botanicals so I would like to be able to do the botanical drawings in watercolor and not other mediums. Practice makes perfect right? I'll be sure to keep my eye out for watercolor classes and books at Half Price Books.


Anna said...

Wow--this is beautiful--now I got to go see the other one. You are so talented.

garden girl said...

Priscilla, you certainly are an artistic young woman. Beautiful sketch. I'd love to see it after you've water-colored it!

Zoƫ said...

Multi-talented lady, have you ever thought about studying garden design?

Julie said...

This is a lovely sketch...what a great idea to scan, and then reprint if needed or wanted! You are a genius! I wouldn't have thought of it. You would love Teri's Painted Daisys for beautiful floral and cactus watercolors and sketches!

Cinj said...

What a lovely sketch. I know what you mean about watercolors being difficult to work with. Mine tend to bleed and run together, but usually in a way that I don't enjoy. Acrylics are much easier for me to paint with.

Great thinking to scan and save the drawing, what a great way to save extra time and effort!