A Thank You and A New Purchase

Salvia seeds
Salvia seeds from Wicked Gardener

Thank you to Wicked Gardener for sending me some Salvia seeds. Just received them yesterday and sowed the seeds right away. That knocks one thing off my list of plants that every San Antonian has but me.

sedum dragons blood
sedum dragons blood
Dragons Blood Sedum

I took another plant of my list that every San Anotonian has but me. Sedum, I swear everyone has at least one. I kept on seeing just the green ones that get HUGE. Then a shipment came in of the Dragon Blood and it was perfect. On Monday when I went to the the garden center they had quite a few Sedums but I was fighting the urge not to buy what I didn't come there for. I'm sure I'll go back and purchase some from there since they had some nice ones.


Cinj said...

How great is that? It's so nice to have garden friends who share their plants and seeds with others!

I have some dragon's blood sedum at my old house. They're wonderful plants.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That is a great sedum. I also love Ogon for its chartreuse color

Wicked Gardener said...

You are totally welcome. A post like that make it worth it!