Looking For A Brighter Day

Pink Candytuft
Pink Candytuft

Thankfully finals are over. I should be relieved of my stress right? For some reason I'm not. I'm still stressed out even though I don't have anything to be stressed out about. I won't be back in school for another month so I should be relaxing and being happy for my little break.Maybe I'm partially stressed because I don't know what is going to happen with my internship. The Human Resources women quite that had hired me. I had only talked to her about starting the internship when school was over. There wasn't much after that because I thought it was something we would discuss when the date was closer. Now it's a month away from when I want to start. A new women is there, she used the be the secretary or helper whatever. She says she remember me being hired but didn't know what had been discussed and promised with me. So she needs to talk to the managers or something like that and that she would call me back. That was on Monday I believe. No call since then. I like to know what is going on in advanced. I'm not a fan of not being in the know when things are very close.

Now I'm just scarying myself for the worse. Even though I don't think anything can go wrong I'm still scared it might. And maybe I'm a still a bit upset about my Math Final. It was on Thursday or so I thought it was. The teacher had given all the student this piece of paper with the times we could take the final and the days. I chose I wanted to go on thursday. Well I went there and no one was anywhere. I think I might have missed her say something. Basically I didn't take my math final which means I got a 0 and that was 25% of my grade.So much for keeping my GPA good. Lets just hope that Brighter Days are ahead and I will get past these cloudy days.

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june said...

Hey! One of my favorites things I like to keep in mind for times like this is that "there is always sunshine behind the clouds." Which is true if you've ever ridden in an airplane over a storm. :)

In terms of plants, I don't know if you've ever tried growing borage. Its a great plant for "lifting the spirits" as Rosemary Gladstar would put it. You can pluck the flowers to make a tea.

While life may seem like its working against you right now, all of this will pass and brighter days will be just around the corner. :)

Cinj said...

Ouch! Missing a final isn't the best, is it? Hopefully you had a good grade before the final. At least it's only 25% of your grade.

While it's tough to be stressed out, it can't last forever, right? I'm sure everything will work out fine for you, the bosses are probably just busy/

Anna--flowergardengirl said...

Oh my..I'm so sorry. I'm letting you down too. I haven't gotten the seeds out but I did save you some and do have it my to do list. They are good to plant up to the end of May--so sorry--we've been bombarded.

My son had an internship messed up for him during one of his summers and it turned out that something else came up that was better. You always hear that being said but it's not easy to live through it. Hugs to ya. He also had a few mishaps in college and still kept a better than 3.2 gpa. You just keep trying and staying head strong no matter what. You are being prepared for years down the road that you can't even imagine right now. One day it will all fall in place.

Askew To You said...

The photos with this post are beautiful. I hope that by the time you read this you have already received good news about your internship.