Some Cold On A Hot Day

Cold Harbor Daylily
Cold Harbor Daylily

My first Daylily bloom! How cute is it. I wish it had been one of the others I am waiting to see like Abstract Art and Windsor Castle. But I'm still glad it did. It's nice to see some nice bright yellow on the balcony. There are other daylily buds that will be blooming anytime soon. I'm not sure what they but I think that one might be windsor castle. I kept the plastic labels on them but the labels wore out with the sun and water.

Cold Harbor Daylily Bud
Cold Harbor Bud

It looks like I'll have another cold harbor bloom coming up soon. Or it could be raindrop but raindrop is white with a yellow throat.

Just in case everyone hasn't notice I put Twitter on my side bar. Now you can see what I am doing and I can keep more up to date on what happens here. I don't always get photos for things and sometimes I just forget. Plus I usually post what really happened yesterday or even a few days before since I'm just behind and I like to always have something to say. It's really helpful for all those times I don't want to write a post about something like almost touching a locust. I'm very blunt and not a writer so I have a hard enough time as it is posting anything but pictures.


No Rain said...

Beautiful photos. I've seen Twitter stuff on several blogs and I'm unfamiliar with the concept. Guess I'll check it out from here!

Cinj said...

Isn't it wonderful when things start to bloom? Mine are starting to put out some buds.

Element said...

Love the daylily picture. I just posted my first opening before looking at your blog today. Kinda funny!

gardensofcasamartin said...

Pretty, oh so pretty!
Twitter...I have mine but haven't used it...how's it working for you?
Maggie, Gardens of Casa Martin